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Francesca Fraser, founder of Expat Divas, encourages black women to embrace the expat lifestyle, to capitalize on the advantages of living abroad and to be a resource to other black women.  The network is designed to offer support to women currently living abroad and to encourage women who are interested in living abroad.  

"be a resource...."


Founded in 2017, Expat Divas LLC is determined to highlight the experiences of black women living abroad.  Simply put, the world needs to know how black women are influencing communities worldwide.  An English Language instructor by trade, an explorer by nature; she embraces the expat lifestyle by venturing off to uncommon places, while connecting with like-minded expats.  She began Expat Divas while living and teaching at a private university in Saudi Arabia. 


"influencing communities worldwide"


Francesca is a global citizen by chance and happenstance.  An avid traveler and explorer for more than 20 years, she has molded a life which embraces cultural differences.   She is intrigued by whipping up new recipes and learning new languages.  She will admit, her Italian is better than her Korean, which is probably a close second to her classroom Spanish (Thank goodness her in-laws are very patient).  When not fumbling with new languages, she can be found at the starting line of 10 km races or striking balls on the tennis court. 

"embraces cultural differences"

Francesca holds a bachelors degree in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and a master's degree in Teaching English as Second Language from The New School of New York.  Francesca is an advocate of youth mentoring and volunteerism. In 2017, she was an honored Career Day guest speaker, at the Ethiopian International School of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  In the following year, she partnered with the ladies of Expat Divas, in organizing the school's first Youth Empowerment Seminar for Girls.  


"advocate of youth mentoring"

Francesca is driven by community development and projects based on imparting knowledge.  She believes, a community grows most from the resource of knowledge. Even in the most overwhelming of situations, the charity of knowledge far outweighs the charity of goods or objects.  Francesca is quoted as saying, "people benefit more from what we can offer intellectually, versus what I can give monetarily." Her current resource project is based in Kigali, Rwanda.  The fellowship program is designed to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of talented youth.

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